Hi everyone!  Remember us?!  I know, I know…we’ve taken a long break.  But we are back with a bunch of fun projects that Danny’s been working on.  We recently went from “hubby and wife” to “hubby, wife, and a BABY”.  Yup, we now have a beautiful, perfect little boy, so you can imagine why our focus lately has been the nursery.  And by “lately” I really mean “lately”…even with all the fussing and nagging that I was doing for Danny to work on the baby room, NOTHING got done till about a month ago!  But, I must give credit where credit is due; Danny’s done an awesome job and I couldn’t be happier with the way it’s turning out.

Ok, so the first project (and the one that’s taken the longest) was the dresser/changing table.  On one of our Saturday morning garage sale adventures with friends (be sure to check them out here) we stumbled upon an estate sale.  After rummaging through the whole house, we entered the garage, and there it was…sitting in all its dusty glory, a very old beat up dresser and mirror!  Immediately we had plans of fixing it, painting it, and restoring it; we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it.  And the BEST part was that the owner sold it to us for a whopping 40 buckaroos!

The minute we brought it home, we knew we wanted to use it as a changing table/dresser.  This has been a hot trend lately; rather than purchasing a baby changing table, why not convert an antique dresser?!  It gives the space so much more character!

Right off the bat, Danny had to cut the legs a bit to make it the correct height for a changing table.  This part was fast and painless.

But now…on to the rest of the project!

At first, we were going to paint it with two different colors because the dresser had different types of wood.  So Danny painted half of the dresser a combo of light blue and navy blue, and the other half a combo of white and grey.  After a lot of contemplating, we decided to go for the white and grey.

So, next up was to sand down the whole dresser to prep it for paint.  First, Danny had to strip off all the paint and the original stain and varnish.  He used a sander and the same chemical stripper that he used on our end table…yea, the one that looks really cool when it bubbles up!

Now here’s where things get complicated.  After Danny sanded the dresser, we realized that the original two-toned wood was so pretty and unique that we didn’t want to cover it up with paint!

This discovery threw our whole plan for a loop!  But we got back on track, went to Home Depot, and bought a wood stain.  Danny spent the next few weekends staining, and wiping and re-staining and re-wiping…

till he got the exact color we wanted.

After the staining was done, all it needed were some knobs.  We searched for a while, trying to find some vintage inspired hardware, but we really weren’t satisfied with anything out there.  So Danny’s light bulb went off again and decided to just paint the original knobs.  I must admit, I didn’t think they were going to look right, but of course, Danny proved me wrong once again!

Once the dresser was back in its place, all it needed were a few extras to convert it into a changing table.  Danny attached the changing pad to the top of the dresser with Velcro strips, and he mounted a diaper/storage organizer to the side.

Now, Baby Evan has his very own, antique, customized changing table that I wouldn’t change for the world! And the best part is that it was all done with daddy’s hands….and that is priceless.


Hello hello and Happy Holidays!  Things have been crazy over here getting ready for Christmas and the baby (which is still 5 months away)!

Well, by now I’m sure everyone has finished decorating their homes for the holidays but we wanted to share this cool DIY project that made me very happy once it was complete.

Let me backtrack a bit so you understand why this little project made me such a happy camper…

I’ve always had a secret love for Christmas nutcrackers; I love the little soldier-look, always standing at attention…they’re just so cute!  And ever since I saw the modern white nutcrackers at West Elm last year I was smitten, but we weren’t ready to splurge on them at $70 a pop.  So last year came and went with no white nutcrackers.

This year Danny’s light bulb went off on a regular trip to Publix.  We were walking through the Christmas décor area and there were a few nutcrackers on the shelf.  They were just your regular, plain ol’ nutcrackers, but a lot of them were a bit damaged (missing hair, gems, etc). 

Here’s where Danny’s light bulb went off….he tells me “why don’t we just buy these damaged ones and turn them into the West Elm ones?!”  As usual, I looked at him with the “you’ll never be able to pull that off” face that he hates so much.  So of course, he automatically took it as a challenge and went ahead and bought 2 of them.  The best part was that since they were so damaged, he got them for $5 each!

As soon as we got home, Danny went straight to work to make me my “West Elm” nutcrackers.

First thing he did was rip off all of the hair and gems and anything else that stuck out.  Then he sanded them down and filled in all of the defects with wood putty. 

And finally, he just spray-painted it all white!  Yes, that’s it!  It looked so cool that he decided to paint one in a silver color that we had leftover from a previous project.

I LOVE my nutcrackers so much; they look so amazing!  And my favorite part is that they are one of a kind, specially made for me by my thoughtful and talented hubby.

(In case you were wondering, I had to apologize for the “you’ll never be able to pull that off” face from earlier).  ;)


Hi guys!  We’ve decided to change our blog name due to personal reasons.  No, I’m kidding, that just sounded like it went there.  ;)
Anyways, the truth is that we felt like “Jack and Jill” was a bit impersonal and honestly, I was getting tired of referring to my husband as “Jack”.  (Imagine, I was calling him Jack around the house!)  So, please continue to follow us on our new blog that we’re calling @theSuso’s; it’s just us, with no fancy names, just Danny and Jenny.  Love you guys!

Check out our latest blog post below!!!

Well, we promised that we had some new projects in the works for y’alls and guess what? We actually finished one! (Woot woot! Give it up one time for the Suso’s!) Let me introduce you to the newest addition to our home…

This side table began its journey at Danny’s parent’s house, where it dwelled for about 18 years.  Once it had run its course and was a little beat up, it took up residence in the garage.  This is where Danny had a vision of turning this maple wood table into a fab antique piece for our living room.

Today we are going to tell you lucky duckies how we refurbished this table.  Are you ready?  Here we go…

First, Danny disassembled the legs and sawed off the bottom piece, which happened to be a very traditional ball and claw; we figured it didn’t really go with our “look”.

Once those were gone, he put the legs right back on.

Weeeell, not exactly right back on…he actually broke one in the process and had to ghetto-rig it back in place.  But nothing a few screws through the back didn’t fix!  So that was “woops #1”

…now let’s move on.

Now here came the fun part…using chemical stripper, he took off all of the varnish and stain.  You pretty much spray it all over and let it sit for 15 minutes.  You’ll start to see everything bubble up into a weird goo…very cool!

Then you just wipe it all off and it is left standing bare naked in all its glory!

Ready for “woops #2”?  Please heed the advice on the back of the bottle and wear long pants, long sleeve shirt, closed toe shoes, AND gloves.  If you know my husband, then you KNOW that he’s too cool for that, so he suffered the consequences…chemical burns everywhere!  He basically had to turn on the hose and drench himself to relieve the pain!  Aaaand, we move on.

So now we were ready to spray paint the heck out of this bad boy!  We decided to paint the table a champagne color so that it still went with our décor but wasn’t the same color as anything else.

Then we gave it an antique finish just like we did here with the key holder frame.  The only difference is that we used a brown-ish color paint to give it that antique look.  I’ll give you the cliff notes version on how to do this.  You brush the paint on the wood and make sure you get it into all the nooks and crannies, and then you just wipe it off with a towel.  The dark color will stay in the crevices and will come right off of the top layer.  Here is a video of Danny actually doing it.

Ok, so are you waiting for a “woops #3”???  Don’t lie…you know you’re waiting to see if something else went wrong!  Ok, ok, here it is.  While finishing painting the top of the table, the spray paint bottle clogged up and started “spitting out” (for lack of a better word) paint globs!    Danny flipped out and tried to wipe it off right away, which in turn, messed it up!  Soooooo, we practically had to start from square one and use the chemical stripper to take off all the paint (again).

Yup, we basically had to start all over on the top of the table.  But, thank God, you can’t even tell!! (phew!)

And, that’s it!!  Simple enough right??  Come on, we only had 3 emergencies throughout the whole process!

Whateva…all I know is that we have a side table that is  legen — wait for it… and I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DARY!”

(10 points if you know where that line is from!)  ;)

Decorating Tips

Helloooooo!!!!  We know, we know…we’ve been a bit distant lately.  But we are now back in full effect! We have some awesome projects coming up (refurbished side table, repurposing mirrored closet doors, refurbishing vintage dresser, outdoor  projects, etc.) so stay tuned!

Lately we’ve been wanting to share little tips and tricks on home decorating that we’ve picked up along the way; from HGTV, to blogs, to friends that are “in the know”…here is what we’ve learned.

Let’s talk about COLORS, no not the ‘98 party at Amnesia, we’re talking about splashes of colors in your house! When we first started shopping for home stuff, we decided to go for an apple greenish accent color.  The only other 2 colors in our house were neutrals…brown and white; so our house was looking a bit one-dimensional.  Finally, someone mentioned something about using the color wheel to choose your colors!  So we set off on our famous Google searches to find exactly how to do it.  Basically, we learned that one of the ways to choose colors is by finding the direct complement color to your original color.  Ok, that sounds confusing.  For example, we started off with a lime-ish green, and then we looked on the color wheel for the color that was on the exact opposite side, and that will give you your complementary color.

Ours happened to be a purple-ish hue.  So, we went shopping for a few purple accessories and voila!  We’ve got complementary colors up in here ladies and gentlemen!

Now, here’s a tip that we learned a long time ago.  Always try to keep your accent colors (like our green and purple) away from main furniture pieces and walls.  It’s usually a better idea to restrict the colors to throw pillows, accessories, wall art, etc.  The reason behind it is just so that when the day comes that you are sick and tired of the green and purple, for example, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to change your whole color scheme.

So, the same person that taught us about colors also schooled us on wood finishes.    Before this person “showed us the light”, we always figured that you should keep the same wood finish on all your furniture.  I mean, when you go to Rooms To Go, or most other furniture stores, all the furniture pieces in the room are the same exact wood finish, so we automatically assumed that that’s the way to go.  Well…au contraire mon frère…the exact opposite is true!  We learned that mixing and matching is the way to go!

All you have to remember is that if you’re going for a modern feel, then you have to stick to “modern” woods like zebrawood, wenge, or walnut.  And if you’re more of a traditional furniture person, then you stick to oak and cherry wood.  There are plenty of other wood finishes out there that you could and should experiment with!  Make your home fun and eclectic and make it YOURS!

Vacation Time

Hey hey!  Well, today we’re SUPER excited because tomorrow we will be on our way to the beautiful Ft. Lauderdale beaches for a weekend getaway! 

(DISCLAIMER: Yes, we usually blog about home and DIY stuff, but once in a while, we have to share great finds, and this is definitely one of them).

So, every year since our first wedding anniversary, we have been spending it relaxing at the Pelican Grand Beach Resort and this weekend will make 4 years that we keep this “tradition” alive.  Actually, the hubz spent his bachelor weekend at this hotel, and that’s actually how we found this little jewel. 

Every year we spend about 2 minutes contemplating whether or not we’ll try out a new hotel, but after we snap out of it, we realize how much we absolutely love EVERYTHING about this place!

So let me take you through our typical weekend so that you can get a taste of why we can’t get enough of this place. We start the day off with a delicious buffet breakfast downstairs in the hotel restaurant. 

Then we are ready to kick off some fun in the sun! The hotel staff is super friendly and always ready to set you up with some chairs, towels, and an umbrella at the beach.  Till now, we can’t complain, the water is always perfect temperature and not too crazy with waves.

So, once we get our “beach fix”, its usually time to head to the pool.  Now, this isn’t your typical hotel pool; its actually a shallow entry pool where you can lounge as if you were laying on the shore.  We alternate between sunbathing and relaxing in the Lazy River (yup, I said lazy river).  It’s the coolest thing ever!

So, does it sound like paradise yet?  Well, in case that’s not enough, let me keep going!  Our afternoons are usually spent sipping on a Happy Hour margarita, munching on some FREE popcorn, and watching the sun go down from rocking chairs overlooking the ocean.

Once we’ve freshened up, we usually head out to a cool Ft. Lauderdale restaurant for some dinner.  But after dinner is the best part!  Once we get back to the hotel, we always head to the in house Ice Cream Parlor for something sweet to end the night.

Now do you see why we love this place?!  With its throwback to grand old Florida hotels and Key West style, it’s a big change of pace from our regular lives.

Ok, so I hope we’ve sold you on trying this place out! After writing this, we’ve just gotten ourselves even more excited about this weekend!  We can’t wait to make many new memories in our little slice of heaven.

I know I’m not the only one that deals with this problem. These nasty, yellow, cloudy headlights drive me crazy. It makes your car look older than it really is and if you’re like me you’ve tried it all; from the sprays, to the creams, and even paying someone to buff out your lights. But then after just a couple of months the cloudiness comes back. I’ve tried sooo many different products and nothing has worked.

Well, I came across this new one from Turtle Wax and according to the guy at Advance Auto Parts this one is different because it comes with a sealer that protects your headlights after you clear them.

Now, I’m not sure if it works but I just tried it today and I’m bringing you guys along for the journey. In a couple of months I’ll post an update entry and let you know if this really is the “miracle restorer”. I can tell you this much, the product initially does work. Check out the before and after pics below.

I know what you’re thinking and no! that beautiful car is not for sale. lol And for those of you who have known me for a while… Yes, that is the same Maxima I have had for the last 11 years. It’s scratched, dented, cracked and has over 200,000 miles BUT its my baby and I looooooove that car. So if anyone has any hook ups with TLC and can get me on Overhaulin PLEASE hook it up!

Well I hope you guys enjoyed the first “Just Jack” edition of our blog. Peace out!